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Hosted PBX Solutions and VoIP




Customer Portal


  • Manage your call routing, view and pay invoices online; access system call reporting.

  • Change your Auto Attendant recording or music on hold with a simple upload.


Auto Attendant


  • Gives callers the ability to find the right person or group they need.

  • Easily customizable to accommodate business hours and organizational changes.


Voicemail to E-mail/Text


  • Receive audio files via e-mail or text to stay connected when away from the office.

  • Forward files to others easily to share important messages.


Find Me/Follow Me


  • Inbound calls can “find you” at up to five locations – in-system OR outside numbers.

  • Callers are asked to “announce themselves” and are offered the option between locations to try the next location, or to leave a message.


Call Holding/Parking


  • Put your callers on hold or park them in a queue.

  • Callers on Hold or Parked will hear easily customizable recorded music or commercials for your business.


Call Transferring


  • Attended Transfers allows you to announce a caller, giving the recipient the option to answer or send the call to voicemail.

  • Blind Transfer straight to the caller or e-mail without announcing the calling party.


Call Forwarding


  • Calls may be actively or automatically forwarded to any extension or phone number.

  • Change ‘busy’ or ‘no answer’ automatic forwarding numbers simply via Conexo Customer Portal.


Plus many more standard features:


  • Caller ID

  • Call routing by Caller ID or unlimited DID’s

  • In System Extension dialing

  • Do Not Disturb (DND)

  • Dial by Name Directory & Speed Dial

  • Phone Speaker Paging

  • Conference Calling

  • Number Porting for local or toll free

  • Multiple Direct Inward Dial (DID) numbers through one system

  • QoS managed bandwidth for high call quality

  • Unlimited Local/Long Distance calling

  • Unlimited Call Center or On-Site Support .

  • Conexo Customer Portal managed option - FREE



Unify your business communications to improve performance


  • Desk phones, mobile devices, e-mail, faxing, application integrations, all working collaboratively through Conexo’s Hosted system.

  • Customer Portal access offers insights into key performance metrics, user presence and Conexo system operability.


Run your business your way with the flexibility and accessibility of Cloud PBX


  • Full feature set options for both mobile devices and pre-existing hardware from a non-proprietary PBX.

  • Move your Conexo VoIP desk phone from your office to any Ethernet connection and your phone functions exactly as if you were using it at your office. Simply “Plug and Play”.

  • Affordable solutions for any sized business, whether you are in need of a multi-phone system, or are looking to run your business through a single desk or mobile phone.


Complete Scalability gives you the freedom to grow and change as a business


  • No “per seat” charges based on the number of handsets or licenses that other companies lock you into.

  • Add or remove handsets with any organizational changes with no hassle or contract re-negotiation.


“Future Proof” your phone system with Conexo, and never deal with a PBX that loses value over time


  • Conexo never charges extra for system upgrades or new additions to the standard feature set.

  • As the technology continues to improve, you realize the benefit of that through ongoing improved performance from your phone system.