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Customer Portal

In the past, changing the flow of your voice data traffic in your on-premise PBX system meant managing your "phone closet" by physically changing the way your hardware was wired. This meant that you had to either 1) have an IT professional on staff to do this, or 2) have a paid member of your staff with some technical know-how drop their normal duties and responsibilities to brave the closet themselves.

In the absence of those two options, many businesses hire third party companies who charge hourly rates for scheduled visits. This leaves them at the mercy of the availability of the third party to maintain the system in a timely manner. In any of these cases, the end result leaves business owners spending money and losing time that many do not always have.

Since Conexo's phone system resides on the cloud, you can do away with the expense and inconvenience of managing your phone closet. Our Customer Portal allows you to route your calls, change and record auto attendants, add or remove users, create and view call reports and MUCH more - quickly and easily. Access the portal from any internet browser to make what was once a costly and time-consuming process, simple and effortless with just a few clicks of your mouse!