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Proactive IT Monitoring 

Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Assets, with 24/7 Monitoring Technology 

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Through our Integrated Network Support (INS) services, TCC helps prevent many problems before they occur by proactively managing and monitoring servers, network switches, routers, access points, internet connectivity and data backup and recovery processes.

This service helps to improve business communications and minimize your risk of data loss. 

Asset Reporting

Get a clear and up-to-date picture of all your hardware and software assets and detailed reports of your entire IT environment. Is your business growing rapidly? Keep up with changing needs through regular assessments and recommendations from our experienced team.  

Security IT Monitoring

Security threats are minimized through daily monitoring of all your organization’s security hardware. Our team thwarts the ever-present threats and reduces vulnerabilities in your system to keep your information safe.

Automated System IT Monitoring

Imagine 24/7 monitoring of your network activity, along with assurance that your hardware is reliable and performing as expected. With this level of monitoring, any issues with your network can be identified and corrected without unexpected impact to your business.

IT Backup & Monitoring

Your business data is one of the most important assets for your organization, so it's essential that you have a plan to keep it protected. Our backup and monitoring services provide daily system checks, with the ability to identify and resolve any issues that arise. If a problem comes up, we keep you in the loop with notifications and recommendations whenever necessary. 

Security Patch Management

A security patch policy automatically updates your network with critical patches as soon as they become available. We manage these updates without interruption to your business so your system remains up-to-date and running seamlessly.

Virus / Malware Protection

With our virus / malware protection installed on your network, you can be confident that your business is protected by a trusted system that updates regularly and automatically. 

Spam Protection

A high percentage of all e-mail sent and received on the Internet is considered spam — uninvited messages that clutter your inbox and ultimately lower productivity. Spam protection can filter out those unwanted e-mails and save your users from having to deal with the frustrating task of sorting through spam.

Wireless Network Security

We make your wireless networks more secure by eliminating public access. We will help to determine what level of security makes sense for your business environment and operations.  

Ready to Start Improving? 

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24/7 IT Monitoring To Protect Your Assets