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Data Backup Services

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TCC's data backup services protect one of the most valuable assets of your organization: your data. Sleep well at night and get back to the important work of your business, knowing that your Enterprise Data is protected through the implementation of a comprehensive Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Strategy. 

Overview of Services

Onsite physical data backup plans are one option for protecting your data, but loss can occur with these solutions as a result of fire, natural disasters, theft or malfunction. With offsite data backup, you can be sure that your data is safe and secure, even in the event of physical damage or onsite loss. 

Our data backup services include these benefits:

  • Near Real-Time Back-Ups — Our technology utilizes on-site data backup hardware and software that captures data for recovery purposes on an enterprise level, based on customer required increments of 15 minutes to one hour.  The TCC BackUp Technology backs up recent datasets and allows users to reconstruct data at appropriate restoration points.  This addresses regulatory requirements such as HIPPA and GLBA for data retention and recovery requirements.    
  • Fast, Easy and Flexible Data Recovery – TCC Technology recovers files, folders, partitians, mailboxes/messages and databases/tables, quickly and easily.  Our 15 minute data backup increments capture multiple versions of files, folders, partitians, mailboxes/messages and databases/tables at any point in time for fast and complete data and system recovery. 
  • Secure, Efficient Offsite Data BackUp and Recovery – Through TCC's technology, a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device is provided for the on-site data backup and recovery and enables encrypted connectivity to secure, off-site data storage that resides in comprehensive, highly secure data centers.  You can feel good that in the event of a disaster, your key asset, your data, is protected and fully recoverable for a quick return to doing business.
  • Encryption – Encryption is very important in the transmission of data between the onsite NAS device and the off-site storage locations.  Encryption greatly reduces the risk of data loss, which occurs regularly in the use of tape backup technologies while protecting the data during transmission.
  • Cloud-Based Back-Up Monitoring and Management — TCC Engineers proactively manage and monitor your data backups to ensure they were completed and successful each day. Should a problem take place, TCC has complete visibility remotely and is able to take the appropriate action to ensure your data is backed up and protected as required.    
  • Shadowprotect - Allows Engineers and Administrators to create images of systems and data realtime throughout the day across the enterprise. Because Shadowprotect enables backups every 15 minutes, backup windows for most enterprises are eliminated.
  • Hardware Independent Restore - This technology allows for accelerated recovery to the same system, different hardware and to and from virtual systems.  As a result, migrating to new servers or consolidating to virtual environments is a very clean process.     

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